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Tender data is available since in a standard robust manner since 2008 with additional codes and modifications published annually.  Standard are set by the European Union to establish a standard method for governments and entities to have standard method of procurement.  

To explore our use case we selected a subset of the historical data from 2020 to date to account for the global COVID crisis.  All CPV codes related to transportation were analyzed for all countries.  We selected a common government procurement item to be Police Cars which all if not most countries publish a tender at some point for police cars.  In addition, Police Cars can be purchased by both the national and local governments which provides an opportunity, if desired, to analyze local vs. national government frequency, volume, value and price. In this use case we analyzed Spain which has a robust local and national government and a well organized police force. 

If one were a business who manufactures Police Cars or instruments for Police cars the questions TenderCast can answer which we assume they would like to know are:  

  1. Does Spain publish tenders with a regular frequency or peak?  Yes.  Spain tenders are published at a higher rate April - September and therefore one could anticipate a peak during these periods.  
  2. What is the average number of tenders Spain publishes these months?   Spain is anticipated to publish ~80 tenders during this period.
  3. Additional questions could be answered using the provided data such as Who is the main contracting or financing organization based on the most recent tenders?  

Assuming the Police Car Manufacturer business of historical awards, what volume was seen and value?   Spain's police are and range of police car varies so assuming an ~$100,000 per police car with an average tender size of ~10 then one can estimate the market size for Spain's peak car tender period to be ~$80M. 

To compare Spain to another country, we chose United Arab Emirates.  The United Arab Emirates, however, uses a Lamborghini as the Police Car which costs $500,000.  The UAE published ~9 tenders during 2021-2022 valued at ~$45M assuming ~10 cars per tender.  Historically the trend for police cars has increased so one can expect a higher demand for police cars in Dubai with an estimated forecasted opportunity above the $45M estimate. In addition that Dubai's new police care is a Ferrari.  

For financial institutions who are providing financing to the government agencies purchasing the vehicles, the value TenderCast provides would meet their government required reporting to assure the contract is of Fair Market Value.  The two sides of Fair market value would be answered by understanding, first, "is the rate of purchase consistent and similar" and second "is the price per Police Car of Fair Market Value".  Certainly the financial institution could not suggest UAE's price per vehicle is higher given the Police Care is a Lamborghini.  TenderCast can support the volume and value which are requirements for Trade Finance organizations within Financial Services within and across countries and the world.  

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See below Spain's Transportation, Police Cars, CPV code 34114200 illustrated in the TenderCast PowerBI syndicated dashboard.

 Spain's Police Cars

United Arab Emirates' Police Cars

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