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First, it is well understood among drug trafficking and financial crime that bananas and cocaine go together nicely; recall WSJ's Cocainenomics Netflix NARCOS.  Cocaine and bananas are both sourced from Latin America and extremely popular in Europe. Jerry McDermott, cofounder of Insight Crime, adds bananas, as perishable goods, need to move through ports as quickly as possible, putting pressure on customs authorities.  Third, bananas need to be transported in refrigerated containers, which are great for hiding cocaine.  
As a producer of bananas, a ship transporting, bank financing, government agency wanting to decrease the rate of financial crimes and drugs, Tenders and TenderCast can help.  Since the transaction to procure bananas is through a public tender, a bonanza of banana data is available to find the crime. 
TenderCast's machine learning algorithm uses banana tenders data to predict with high accuracy the time, frequency, volume, weight and of course value of banana tenders. TenderCast isolates the banana tenders which are outside of the normal control ranges and it is these transactions that may suggest further investigation.  Albeit drug traffickers know how to use advanced analytics regression-based artificial intelligence tools as well; TenderCast can provide additional supportive evidence to investigate.
As no one wants to proliferate financial crime by accident or by ignorance, having TenderCast to perform a risk evaluation score of banana tenders and transactions is good practice for all, UN Office on Drugs and Crime. The Banana CPV code is 03222111-4, which is one of 230+ in the Agricultural, farming, fishing, forestry and related products CPV; yes TenderCast machine learning tools has them all and can help.
Above: Turkey, Russian, Persian Gulf, emerging as drug traffic channel from Latin America, UN, Interpol, Insight Crime
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