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Analytics for Living's TenderCast: Volume, Value and Price

Business' and Financial Institution's global contracting through Tenders certainly requires a solid understanding demand as to when the bid opportunity presents, however, even as important are the understanding of value, volume and price. A Tenders normative published and transparent reference for value, volume and price is non-existent and therefore businesses and financial institutions must develop a solution to estimate independently. Understanding Tender value, volume and price estimation requires data, master data management and ability to input historical understanding, to then develop a proposal which could achieve an award.

Analytics for Living's TenderCast: Volume, Value and Price tools enable clients to utilize historically benchmarked data in real time calibrated for CPV, GDP and population to better develop an award winning estimate and proposal at scale.

Analytics for Living's TenderCast Volume, Value and Price tool enables clients to develop a data set for internal system analysis or a closed ecosystem to input data and develop scenarios to develop a proposal and simulate anticipated proposals by competitors.

For Businesses, given Tender award data is not published widely and no normative database for volume, value and price exists, Analytics for Living developed its machine learning TenderCast tools to support the need to enable clients a competitive advantage.

Financial Institutions, in kind, can utilize the Tender Cast Volume, Value and Price solution to better understand fair market value, a governance requirement for investment, to support the contracting and funding for businesses.

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