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Analytics for Living provides Advanced Analytics Courses coupled with 1:1 use case support to apply the analytics tools you will learn. Our experts are available in your time zone to provide technical support and real-world examples to help put your learning into context. Plus, complimentary 4-hour 1:1 applied learning support ensures you can successfully implement your use case. Additional use case support can be purchased from

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1.1 Statistics for Data Science with Python - Gain the skills you need to implement your data science projects with Statistics for Data Science with Python. With 10 hours of personalized support from experts, you'll get step-by-step guidance on using Python to extract and analyze data, plus become comfortable using Google Colab and Jupyter Notebooks for all your data science needs.

2.1 Advanced Python Data Preparation using Pandas and NumPy in cloud environment.  Course 2.1 offers advanced instruction in Python Data Preparation using the Pandas and NumPy frameworks in a cloud environment. It also provides up to 20 hours of 1:1 use case support to enable you to directly apply your learning. Harness the power of this industry-standard toolset and get the support you need to become an expert in data preparation.

3.1 Machine Learning using Python in cloud environment. Learn to apply machine learning to real-world problems with this 15-25 hour online course. Gain the skills to select, recommend, and perform machine learning using Python in the cloud environment. Benefit from the included 1:1 use case support to help you succeed.

4.1 Natural Language Processing using Python in cloud environment

5.1 Forecasting using Python in cloud environment

6.1 Visualization applications using Python, cloud and leading visualization applications such as Microsoft PowerBI, Google Studios and others by request

6.2 Reporting and Business Analytics using Visualization applications with Python in cloud environment

7.1 Clustering structured and unstructured analysis using Python in cloud environment

8.1 Risk scoring and Logistic Regression using Python in cloud environment

9.1 Simulation and Monte Carlo approaches using Python in cloud environment

10.1 Real World Data and Electronic Health Records Data Science Analytics using Python in cloud environment

11.1 Bioinformatic and Computational Science using Python in cloud environment

12.1 Cloud Computing, High Performance Computing (HPCS) in Cloud environments (i.e. Google Cloud, Azure, AWS, etc.) using Python

13.1 Industry Series

13.2 Tender Management

13.3 Healthcare Data Strategy

13.3 Data Science Organization Design

13.4 Financial Services: Financial Crime and Anti-Money Laundering

13.4 Six Sigma

13.5 Project Management

13.6 Financial Crimes, Anti-Money Laundering

13.7 Tenders, Tendering analytics for Government Agencies