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TenderCast Dual Use and Sanction Modules provide guidance to assure Manufacturers, Banks, Tendering agencies and Government Agencies to support and adhere to government sanctions.  
At the US Senate, Department of Commerce Secretary, The Honorable Gina Raimondo, testifies how the USA and 37 countries led an Export Control coalition to deny Russia Technology.  The Honorable Gina Raimondo testifies, "when the Ukrainians find Russian Military equipment it is filled with semi-conductors from dishwashers and refrigerators", USSenate Hearing.  
TenderCast can help manufacturers, trade finance and trade compliance evaluate the demand, value, and potential risk of refrigerators and dishwashers getting into Russian military equipment.  in addition to TenderCast's Dual Use, Sanction and prediction modules, TenderCast's MDM categorizes CPVs such as refrigerators and dishwashers:
  39711100-0    Refrigerators and freezers
  39711110-3    Refrigerator-freezers
  39711130-9    Refrigerators
  39721200-4    Gas refrigerators
  39713100-4    Dishwashing machines
If you're manufacturing or funding the transaction of products containing semi-conductors, TenderCast can support your Risk Evaluation to avoid proliferating weapons by answering:
  • Does the product contain a machine or semi-conductor?
  • What is the normal demand and fair market value of these dual use or products?
  • Is the transaction to a tender agency that has many other tenders for the same type of product containing semi-conductors? or supports a tender for a sanctioned country?

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