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An increasing gap continues to separate the scientific advances and technology needs from the innovative new therapies for patients and new ways to improve public health and the population.  

Health System Services continue to strive innovate and help decease the size of gap while improving efficiency and decisions on how best to deliver value to patients and consumers.  

Key framework to address this gap and more readily achieve goals is to modernize the technology, improve processes and increased measurable collaboration.  

Our integrated solution partners with leading agencies, thought leaders and teams to deliver on such a feat.  The illustrative diagram defines our approach which the leading client integrated into their thinking with an RFP an identification of partners. 



The approach as defined was employed at various health systems, government agencies and industry leading organizations.  The steps included:

  • Data Identification, Management, Creation and Privacy / Security
  • Cloud Infrastructure to Enable Data Insights (GCP, Azure, IBM, Oracle, AWS)
  • Technology Analytics and Solutions Open source and tools (Python tools and plug-ins) to provide visualization on data and regulatory statistics.
  • Health & Public Health Analytics / Cases (i.e. Vaccination Rates in Children, COVID vaccination rates, Fast-Track NDA/INDAs, RWD / Clinical Trial access)
  • Monitoring & Healthcare Impact & Insights Publications, Communication & Collaboration (i.e. Industry collaboration on regulatory monitoring, disease monitoring, public health statistics and innovative new technology RWD analytics).
  • Development of use cases to apply, evaluate and measure the technological modernization (i.e.KPI, risks, roi, quality, measurement, return in investment / care / health.


(Illustrative, shared with client engagements in June 2021)