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Financial Data, AI/ML Analytics and Talent Transformation vision is needed to address the rising challenges of financial crime, healthcare fraud, corporate fraud, money laundering, securities and commodities fraud, mortgage and commodities fraud, intellectual property theft / piracy, wars and terrorism to name a few in addition to the need for financial analytics for business and clients.  Combine these challenges with positive advancement of regulatory initiatives to establish more governance, rules, requirements, investigations, subpoenas, release of data and did we say mention more data; transformation is required.  Actioning against the challenges as well as innovating with solutions requires talent.  Talent which is skilled in data science analytics, strong with or recognizing the need for subject matter expertise and who is motivated and has the heart and desire to make a difference believing a crime, is a crime which is a crime.  For financial services, sampling is not possible and census level analytics or augmenting data with boosting is required.  

A transformational vision is the foundational guiding principle across the challenges, regulatory initiatives and talent development, advancement and retention. In addition to having a best-in-class cloud based open-ecosystem architecture ready to integrate data, internal-external-transformational, and employ AI/ML tools, products, solutions and KPIs.  A simple framework of (1) architecture, typically bought vs. built with (2) data, internal, external and transformative which the (3) cloud based open ecosystem Financial Analytics services enable industry best in class tools to support Financial, Banking, Investment, Insurance, Tax/Accounting and Trade services. 

Transformational Financial Analytics Services enable the financial data with AI/ML tools to deliver on objectives for analytics, advance talent and address financial challenges.