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Analytics for Living's TenderCast: Query

Businesses and Financial Institutions for almost all tenders have a need to query the database of tenders for specific products, categories or phrases of tenders for market research and scope. To meet the need for Businesses and Financial Instutions to explore, build use cases and better understand the details of Tenders, Analytics for Living developed TenderCast: Query.

TenderCast Query is both syndicated and available for customization to enable business and financial institutions to access the Tender database with specific keywords and phrases. Analytics for Living employed machine learning natural language processing tools to enable on demand real time queries across a large dataset quickly.

TenderCast Query enables Business and Financial Institutions to perform text and phrase mining and see results instantaneously. Historically, business and financial institutions needed to build an export, download, and build text search tools which takes hours. With TenderCast: Query a business and financial institution can quickly explore a hypothesis using a user interface query tool which provides immediate results.

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