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To maximize the value of the training and 1:1 use case sessions we recommend enabling the sharing of screens to assist with the coding.  Please find the following instructions:

To share your screen:

Step 1:  Join Analytics for Living Google Meeting.

Step 2:  Share your screen on the share screen icon.

To share your screen of your use case on other workspace laptop:

Step 1:  Join Analytics for Living Google Meeting on your personal or training computer.

Step 2:  Create and start a meeting from your use case computer; join only as computer display, no audio or video.  You may have to input yourself and choose the meeting platform; i.e. google meet and/or teams meeting.  Recall and have the meeting id and meeting password available for step 3.

Step 3: On personal or training computer, join the use case laptop meeting via any meeting software (i.e. google meet, microsoft teams, etc.).  Share your screen of your use case google colab or jupiter notebook project.  

- For microsoft teams, use the teams or webbrowser account associated with your microsoft account for your personal or training computer.  For example, google "join microsoft teams meeting" or following link as illustrative ( which will request you enter in the Meeting ID and Meeting Password.  

Step 4:  Once connected, share your window or screen of the use case meeting request via the Analytics for Living google meet.  This will enable the Analytics for Living team to assist you with modifying your code while viewing your use case project. There will be no need to share any content from your use case laptop or data to the Analytics for Living staff; we can assist you more easily by assisting you with code in real time.