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TenderCast Dual Use Goods Module provides immediate real time data and supporting input for Manufacturers, Banks, Tendering agencies and Government Agency Financing Risk Assessments.
FATF provides dual use good guidance on proliferation financing risk assessment and mitigation, FATF 2021. However, if you are a bank, government agency or a manufacturer of a good which could be considered dual use, how does your organization implement at scale?    
TenderCast Dual Use Goods Module develop an algorithm of CPV and products using NLP, see chart of module mapped to FATF Proliferation Financing Typologies Report.  TenderCast Dual Use Goods Module assesses if goods are dual use.  If goods are considered dual use, the module supports manufacturer, banks and government agencies with data to perform the risk assessment.  As you're aware, rapid assessment is paramount as these decisions need to be completed immediately if a transaction or within a period of time to adhere to government regulations.   
  • For manufacturers, the Dual Use Good Module assesses if the goods are being sold to a tendering agency requesting other dual use goods of their tendering portfolio including a risk score.  
  • For the bank financing the transaction, the Dual Use Good Module asses the manufacturer and the tendering agency for demand volume, value and if other dual use goods are being purchased across the tendering agencies financing portfolio.  
  • For government agencies, Dual Use Good module assesses manufacturer, tendering agency, country, non-government organization and the bank adherence to assess risk, adhere to sanctions, and actions to protect against money laundering, terrorist financing and the financing of proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

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