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Thank you for choosing TenderCast to support your advanced analytics of Tenders at the sub-CPV level.

Please access the TenderCast trial via Microsoft's PowerBI platform; PowerBI license is not required.  Login will require registration on Microsoft.

Recommended journey summary which would be developed based on your selected CPVs, Group of CVPs or product specific names using Analytics for Living's NLP based on your requirements.  

Journey  Journey Description
Home Sector Name

Count of tenders by year, month; currency;

Average estimated cost of tenders


Countries with tenders as heatmap, click on the country to drill down to the country details then follow through the following journey steps which would be reflected.


Country and count of tenders,

Authority agency within the selected countries.


Key influencers to increase or decrease tenders by currency, country, and number of tenders;

Top segments of when count of tenders is more likely to be high or low.


Decomposes the tenders by selected country, notice type (i..e tender notice), sector and authority. 


AI driven insights based on the selection in the dashboard.  Great to utilize for summary learning of tenders within CPV.  


Count of tenders for 24-months by country, sector and CPV.

TRIAL - Transportation

Transportation - All Countries - Police Cars - Tender Count / Value Forecast - CPV 34114200


TRIAL - Healthcare & Medicine

Healthcare & Medicine - All Countries -  Tender Count Forecast - Group of all CPVs in Healthcare & Medicine


TRIAL - Medical Device

Healthcare & Medicine - Medical Devices - China -  - Tender Count Forecast - NLP Orthopedic - Hip/Knee/Joint within China



Analytics for Living's TenderCast

Analytics for Living's TenderCast, provides insight at the sub-CPV level to understand when the Tender is anticipated including the estimated volume and value.

Analytics for Living enables TenderCast using their proprietary patent pending artificial intelligence machine learning and natural language processing normative database cloud ecosystem.

Analytics for Living's TenderCast is provided to businesses and financial institutions as a data set or visualization platform; TenderCast's syndicated visualization utilizes google cloud and Microsoft's PowerBI.

Analytics for Living's TenderCast provides businesses and financial institutions a solution to meet the challenge of external demand planning and fair market value at the sub-CPV granularity.

Link to European Union SIMAP CPV reference table.

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