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Advanced Analytics Python Cloud Use Case Learning Service

Hours support applied learning of advanced analytics learning coursework to support use cases to solve business needs. 

Sample data will created, shared or used to enable incorporation of Python code and uses cases via Google Cloud Colab which is transferable to Python Jupyter notebook.

Customer schedules appointments via the Analytics for Living calendar application.  Time zone available in EST and IST to support and balance solving business needs; weekend hours available upon request.  A 24-hour advanced scheduled appointment is established with more readily available support upon request.  Questions and sharing of code to test, refine and adjust is available via the email and google drive platform with most questions utilized one service hour pending on the request. 

Hours are used within the time period and expire on a 4-week basis; hours booked for greater than 4 weeks are allocated and expire on 4-week increments.

Prerequisite is prior 12-week Advanced Analytics Learning or use of Use Case Learning Service Hours:

  • 1.1 Statistics for Data Science with Python -and- 1:1 use case support to apply learning
  • 2.1 Data Preparation using Python Pandas and NumPy in cloud environment -and- 1:1 use case support to apply learning
  • 3.1 Machine Learning using Python in cloud environment -and- 1:1 use case support to apply learning